Tuesday, 22 September 2015

My Exhibition Part 2 - Text by Yoel Emet - 'Magazin Hamoshava" English

Another angle

 An exhibition of photographiess In the foyer of the Ramat Hanadic concept store has opened an exhibition of spectacular nature and still photograph. The opening will be attended by the management. Jale Arditi resident of Zichron Yakov  is an exceptional artist due its age and timing chosen to start filming. The results of her work will not shame even an experienced veteran artist and its an evidence of internal maturity waiting for an opportunity to emerge after years of incubation and repression of personal desires.

 Jale was born in Turkey and lived in Izmir. She immigrated to Israel in 1970 with two children and worked as office manager in the Diamond Exchange at an import and export corporation. This work has realized independently, experience and ability acquired in Turkey.

 With her retirement she took freedom to travel and visit various sites and new places. When occasionally she received a camera and made several photographs she was captured by the beauty catching lens. She started to make clear photographs of each object and discovered that even in simplest and most neglected object lies a whole world. Such objects have a say and story in color, position and lood with a strong  and silent language with no works. Objects such as wire, old decauomg bud, peeling of paint, and lasting of a leaf forming a thrill where she recognized the worlds aging as meaningful content and a world of beauty of of life processes on their part. 

The focus of the camera and the ability of Jale various to isolate objects from their surroundings created a world intimately, close and persona which singles out the individuality of the moment. Photograph of the artist's are based of a technique prominent dark background to emphasize the subject and background or slightly fuzzy environment which gives the image a three-dimensional effect.

The main issue of her work are not raised mountains large or vast sea but rather thorns, buds discarded shells from the sea. Objects seem outmoded and discarded and yet here they undergo and handsome. Jale uses her camera as a brush in the hands of a painter and ables to glean infinite colors and shades in isolated and concentrated pure beverage. Rabbi and busy with many collections that only some of them are presented in this exhibition testify that engaging in photograph is intoxicating and intriguing and can not be extracted and finished.

 Jale is a hunter of moments inspections of the images she photographs. Some implications of dreams, desires, disappointments and sorrow of her forgetfulness database collected and caught with the camera are plantations and blooming of her interior experience. Jale graphic effect adds to photographs by computer software which does not change the quality of the photographed object but gives it depth and mystery. Jale's work is worth emulating because the camera is an available device  and  requires only basic schooling time. The main tool is there to train photocopy of his identifying with the workd and subject and dedication to the world that he explores, learns and experiences. The works in the exhibition are only a sample of the largest collection of the artist and are sufficient to stimulate each person and amateur experience the natural and environmental certificates and find himself love what he does and help cure the depths of his soul to the joy the inevitable result. The exhibition will be opened on 09.18.2015 and will be several months. The public is invited